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Dr. Ellenwood, Psychologist, began serving NW Ohio as a psychologist in 1988 and is the founder of Assessment and Family Therapy of NW Ohio. She became a licensed psychologist in 1988 after graduating from the University of Toledo. Prior to 1988 she was an elementary teacher and worked as a school psychologist. She has received family therapy training and supervision from two world re-known family therapists, Maurizio Andolfi, M.D. and Jay Haley, Ph.D.

Dr. Ellenwood played an instrumental role as one of the key organizers in the development of the traumatic brain injury, neonatal, seizure, and autism clinics at St. Vincent Hospital, Toledo, Ohio. She has served as president for various local, state, national, and international psychological associations.

She served on a state committee to write online Telepsychology and Telepsychology competency guidelines that were adopted by the Ohio Psychological Association in 2007. She is currently the co-chair of Ohio Psychological Associationís Communication and Technology Committee. Dr. Ellenwood serves as editor for the Ohio Psychological Association, The Communique. Dr. Ellenwood has presented on many topics related to family therapy, chronic illness, working with people related to immigration adjustment issues, seizures, plus traumatic brain injury at the local, state, and international level.

Dr. Ellenwood has taught family therapy and neuropsychological courses at an international level while serving as a visiting professor at the University of South Africa and University of Namibia. She is an Intercultural Development qualified administer and is actively involved in enhancing the cultural sensitivity of others as she provides workshops and training on enhancing cultural sensitivity for business organizations and graduate students.

Dr. Ellenwood is published in the areas of family therapy, chronic illness, attention/hyperactive disorders, Tourettes, enhancing cultural sensitivity of others, working with children who have had seizures or traumatic brain injury. Dr. Ellenwood serves with the Medical Reserve Corps Emergency Service and has been active in doing Critical Incident Services for local hospitals and police forces. She served on the board as a consultant for the Childrenís Neurology Center of NW Ohio for over 20 years.

Dr. Ellenwood was coordinator of the school psychology program for over 22 years at Bowling Green State University and she has just retired as coordinator of the school psychology program at Youngstown State University. In her career, she has trained over 320 school psychologists for the state of Ohio.

Dr. Ellenwood is director of Project Learning Around the World, a 5013c charity, which provides educational supplies and helps to build playground equipment for children in very rural and needy schools in South Africa. More information can be found at

Dr. Ellenwood has co-authored and published Shake-UP: Moving Beyond Therapeutic Impasses by De-Constructing Rigidified Professional Roles. The book, written for mental health professionals, has sold in over 33 countries and is currently being translated into five languages. The book can be located at or purchased directly from Dr. Ellenwood at Dr. Ellenwood has co-authored a second book entitled, EXPAND: How to Change Your Role in Relationships. The book written for the general public can be purchased directly through Dr. Ellenwood and will soon be in online markets. Dr. Ellenwood has had the opportunity to provide training and key note speaking in a number of international countries in regards to her books.

Her specialties are: family, couple and individual therapy, psychological and neuropsychological assessment, traumatic brain injury, Tourettes, neonatal/preschool assessment, Wada testing, attention deficit/hyperactivity evaluations, college and specific learning disability evaluations, Autism, bariatric pre-surgical assessment for laparoscopic banding and gastric by-pass, running womenís support groups, and dealing with childrenís behavioral, emotional, and social issues.


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