Please be aware that TAAPP is not a credentialing body, so we are not certifying the accuracy of claims made by members in the information they provide for their TAAPP referral listing. However, all psychologists are obligated to follow the rules of the Ohio Psychologist licensing board concerning the presentation of professional credentials. All listings should comply with the following guidelines.

1. Name (first, last)

2. Highest Degree

3. Business Name

4. Street Address (includng ZIP) for Business

5. Street Address 2, if applicable

6. City, State, and Zip

7. Business Phone

8. URL (web address) if you have a site on the web.

9. Practice Description: A short paragraph describing areas of expertise and practice.

10. Email the above information in Times New Roman 12 point to Dr. Joelle Floriana at: After a reasonable period, check your information online to make sure that it is properly posted. You alone are responsible for reviewing and sending feedback, corrections, or updates. Email Dr. Floriana if you have any corrections or changes. She will forward them to the web liason, Sandy Emerson.